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Welcome to our Holistic Practitioners' page!

Featuring our Gifted Psychics, Card Readers & Reiki Practitioners


Tarot Phil

Tarot Phil uses the past to guide and advise the future through the world of the tarot. Pulling from three decks, all readings focus on the positive and empower you to live your ultimate life! The magic is in the cards .... the power is in you. 


Melissa Marder

Clairvoyant ~ Tarot Card Reader
Melissa delivers Spirit guidance via clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, tarot & other channels. Melissa is a regular at our events.


Laurie Siciliano

Intuitive Tarot & Angel Card Reader 
A Shamanic Healer, using wisdom, sage, and crystals along with 20 years card reading experience to bring clarity, and healing to past, present & future. Laurie is a regular at our events.

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Read by  Christine

Christine is an internationally known tarot reader on many platforms. With 26 years of experience, you can be sure to get the answers you need on your journey.  She is also a teacher of the Tarot, providing individual mentorship and her workshop entitled "Put Down That Book!"


Michele Rothermel

The Spirit Whisperer will give you the healing and closure that you are in need of! I will reconnect you with your passed loved ones!!

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Central Hiit

We help busy people focus on their health journey with 30 minute virtual group workouts (whether you're just getting started or just need accountability to keep going!).  We can modify for all fitness levels and experience levels - you will love our amazing community! 


Phoenix Fire Wholistics

I am a Wholistic health advocate that focuses on supporting my clients in their healing journeys through massage therapy, reiki healing, guided meditation, and intuitive psychic readings. My massage specialization is medical, with a focus on helping people get out of and stay out of pain.

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