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#Yoga during the pandemic

Here we are, one year into the Covid Pandemic. My husband and I got our first vaccine shot, second one is March 28, so things are looking better, BUT... there's those nasty variants out there, parts of Europe are going into a third lockdown, so we just don't know how our summer is going to look. So, we are just staying home for now.

One thing that has gotten me through this has been yoga. Back in December I saw an ad on Facebook for Yoga with Adriene. A free 30 day yoga journey called "Breathe" that started on youtube January 1, 2021. Since I was looking forward to January, and new beginnings, I decided to give her a try.

I've done yoga in the past. Took classes in various places, followed along to videos on Youtube. I don't know it was the structure and/or challenge of commiting to a 30 day regimen, but this one was different. Adriene's class is relaxed, but challenging. She's Real. She makes it easy to follow along. Now should you decide to do one of her journeys, this next sentence is a spoiler. One day 30, she takes her microphone off and tells you to just do whatever practices you want to do. I was confused. Like... what? So I just started. Then I started crying because I realized how much I had learned. Breathing, stretching, planking, poses... what an experience! Then for February I started another one of her 30 day journies called "Home" - except being February is was only 28. So then I went on to another one called "True" for March. She has them all on her Youtube channel, along with other daily videos.

Yoga has been a phenomenal way to adjust my thoughts, work my muscles, and just... feel better during this year of anxiety and sadness. I'm so grateful to have found Adriene's Youtube channel. Give her a try!

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