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Yesterday was a Really Good Day (and not just because of baseball)

The Phillies won game #1 of the World Series. Statistics show the team who wins the first game wins the entire series so we're a little excited here! Game two is tonight and we're ready!

But what made the game even better was texting friends and family during the game. Especially the group text with my husband, son and granddaughter Ruby. Ruby is almost 11 and shares her Dad's love of the game. They live 25 minutes away from us but I swear I heard my son yell when the Phils won! Anyone that knows him knows this is entirely possible. When I was pregnant with my son my husband used to talk to my belly and say "baseball is the most important thing in the world" So yeh, watch what you say to your unborn child!

We'll be sitting in the same seats we sat in last night and sending all our vibes, and although the ballpark is in TX we'll feel the electricity coming from it.

And tonight I might not even be working...

Who am I kidding, of course I'll be working! As a business owner who works from home, it's always there. Right there next to you. My phone, laptop. It's there. A message on Facebook from someone asking if there's any spaces left for an event. Or someone saying they have to cancel a space. Emails. Someone wants to be a vendor or psychic reader at one of my events. Right there. But ya know what? For me, it's 117% better than getting up early, maybe driving somewhere, then working 8 hours. It's just not in me to do that.

When my kids were little I was a crafter. Painted on clothes, did events on weekends. I did it for 15 years. Then it was direct sales for 12 years with Tastefully Simple. Built a team of over 200, earned free trips to places like Puerto Rico, took my daughter on a free cruise, took her to Universal studios, flew her in to meet us in Tucson, AZ, and she took a bus from LA to meet me in San Diego! Such great times, and I met so many awesome women who I still talk to often! Then I had this idea of putting both of those parts of my life together and I started Downtown Vendors. And I love it.

Last night around 10:30 I finished booking all the vendors for our weekly Pop Up Shop at Penn Medicine in Cherry Hill for November and December. Booked Solid. Two or three vendors every week. A wave of relief washed over me, quickly followed by a dose of reality that says someone will have to cancel. I've had cancellations seven weeks in a row at Penn. But we have to be careful there. It's a medical facility with people getting treatments, so we can't be bringing folks in who were exposed to someone who has covid, or has a cold etc.

It's our new reality for now, but we do it because we care.

The group of women and men who are my vendors and psychic readers are an amazing group. Some of them take over for me at events and are my managers for the night. I love them. We have fun at our Sip n Shop with Psychic Readings nights at the Courtyard by Marriott, Deptford. We get a glass of wine from the best bartender ever. We watch each others tables when we need a bathroom break. We buy from each other. We support each other. We are a community and I'm really proud of them.


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