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Tweets and Posts about 2022

Social media has undeniably changed us all. From the girls who's body image and confidence levels were crushed by comments to politics changing the world, it seems like everyone has an opinion. For me, 2022 was the year of coming to terms with our collective reality. I thought I'd share some tweets and posts from today sum up this year.

Enjoy, and cheers to 2023, may it be a better year for you!

This first post is from a women on Twitter who lives in Kieve, Ukraine and has been sharing her experience with the world. Sometimes heart wrenching like todays post, but sometimes she shares simply ordinary wonderful days. The pic is what she posted hours later with the #warcoffee hashtag. Life goes on...

Yaroslava Antipina


Deaths. Damages.

I don’t have proper words to tell you how I feel now.

Ukraine won’t forget December 31, 2022.


Our neighbors sent their ‘happy New Year wishes’ already. People have died of them.

8:15 AM · Dec 31, 2022



Good morning and Happy New Years Eve Saturday to everyone who is approaching the New Year 2023 with a sense of cautious optimism: one eye closed, fingers crossed, knocking on wood.

Nile Gardiner


Nearly HALF of British public want Harry stripped of his Sussex title via @MailOnline

Olivia Julianna 🗳


If I had a nickel for every time in 2022 a 19 year old activist publicly owned an alleged human trafficker I’d have 2 nickels, which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice right?

Erica Marsh


Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has called on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to RESIGN.

Reply with a ‘Yes’ if you agree with AOC! .. (Yes)

Lakota Man


Please understand, the content I share with you is not intended to evoke guilt or shame, on anyone. Native history is never soft or convenient. However, it must be taught and embraced. If we as a nation, are to ever have an aggregate healing — from our historical wounds. Agree?

Greta Thunberg. 19 year old hero.

Vice President Kamala Harris


United States government official

Last year, I launched a call to action to extend Medicaid postpartum coverage from two months to one year.

This week, @POTUS signed an omnibus bill that enables a permanent one-year extension for states, and provides new investments in maternal health that will save lives.

The Democrats


The Biden-Harris administration has appointed more Black women to the U.S. Courts of Appeals than every other previous president COMBINED.

Shannon Watts


Marissa Dikeman, 19, was shot and killed by a 17-year-old with a shotgun as she took down Christmas decorations. The teen said he was playing a joke.

There is no age limit or safety training required to own a long gun in Texas.

And finally, a nice summary from a poster on the new social media platform "POST"

Linda Ramsay-Detherage

Humanist, Humorist, Writer, Team Democracy, Funding Consultant, Playwright, Connector.

5 Things We Witnessed in 2022.

The Power of One: Zelenskyy on the positive, Trump on the negative—it’s always one person who changes the world.

The Power of the Many: Women, Ukrainians, people who help, and all of us can protect freedom standing together

Honor Still Exists: Cassidy Hutchinson. Liz and Adam—and the rest of the career GOP who did what was right.

The Ocean Always Wins: Hurricanes, sharks, and just stay out of the sea already.

The Fight is Just Beginning: Everybody has a part to play in preserving our democracy.

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1 Comment

Thank you, Wendy, for reminding us of SOME emotional things we experienced in 2022 - - - not just us as Americans, but as world citizens. Whether for bad or good, it was a very interesting commentary!

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