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Saying Goodbye to 2020

I will not miss you at all 2020.

It's been a year of loss, starting with Covid-19 hitting us hard in March.

Our last Sip 'n Shop with Psychics event was March 10 at Ramblewood Country Club in Mt Laurel, and I remember us all talking about covid... we had know idea how bad it would get.

I lost my Mom July 26, she was 92 but she looked like she was 62. She always enjoyed the look of shock on folks faces when they learned her age. I miss her every day. I miss my Dad who passed 10 years ago and my Brother who passed 5 years ago. Covid took my brothers partner, but now they are together.

I miss working! I miss seeing all my favorite vendors and psychics at our events. I miss the smiles we'd get when we were setting up vendors at Penn Medicine in Cherry Hill. They loved having us there to give the folks who were waiting for a friend who was getting a treatment something to do while they wait. And the employees would come shop during break.

I miss hugging people.

I miss going to Ocean City for a week with my Son, Daughter in law and the two little faces that bring me joy... my granddaughters.

Which brings me to Gratitude.

I'm grateful for the Facetime. The angel/nurse at Jefferson Hospital who called me to Facetime with my Mom. Family. The Zoom calls with friends. Friends. my husband retiring and his boss. Apple pie from a neighbor, Blueberry pie from my sister. Masks.

Dr Fauci, the scientists who worked tirelessly to create a vaccine, The essential workers. Target and their Drive-Up Shopping (it's the best!) NJ for making pot legal. Twitter, Voters.

And finally, Facetiming with my Granddaughters while we played Nintendo's Animal Crossing together online.

I spent a great deal of time placing puppies all over my island on the game, and when my granddaughters came to visit it, they gleefully yelled PUPPIES! It might seem silly to most, but it was a perfect moment of joy.

Cheers to 2021 my friends, and may it bring us all lots and lots of joy!

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