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Updated: Mar 27, 2019


What's a Sip N Shop with Psychic Night at Courtyard by Marriott like?


It's like... sitting in your family room, with a bunch of friends.. having a drink.. any kind of drink cause the bartender at the Bistro Bar can make anything for you... You're having some snacks (that the chef made)

Sitting on a very comfy chair, while you tell your friends what the Psychic just said from the Angel Card reading you just got. And a friend is telling you to smell the awesome Scentsy wax you just bought, and another friend is wearing the handmade lava stone bracelet she just bought from one of the vendors there, and another friend is crying..... A HAPPY cry cause the medium she just got a reading with connected with her father that passed a year ago. Another friend is speechless though, cause she's getting a Reiki treatment done.

Yeh.. it's kinda like that.

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