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How has Covid-19 affected your business?

Prior to Covid-19, at Downtown Vendors we had a unique business model. We worked with many wineries, breweries and businesses in the Southern New Jersey Region to bring events to them. Our very popular Sip 'n Shop with Psychic Nights typically brough 60-120 new customers in to their establishment in for one event.

As the world has adjusted to how we conduct business, we decided to bring our events with our vendors and holistic practitioners online.

So many of the guests who attended our events contacted us to ask how we can find a particular psychic who did a reading for them, or a crafter who made a gorgeous piece of jewelry, so the need was there.

We did a live, online Facebook event and plan on doing more. Since this is our new normal at this moment in time, we're doing what we can to make it easier for folks to still be in business, and for their clients to contact them and see their specials or schedule a reading or service.

We appreciate all of you, and hope you're staying safe as we continue to get through this crisis.

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COVID has forced a big shift for me in everything going virtual. From my health and HIIT group coaching, to my Beautycounter sales - I now do demos and all meetings/ appointments virtually. This is a big change but I have found that most people are adapting now and are glad to have this way to socially connect while we remain physically distant.

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