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Bingeworthy TV

Here we are one year into covid, and we're still bingeing TV series! But our vaccines are scheduled for this Sunday, so there is hope on the horizon!

Early on I binged in Schitt's Creek, and OMG it was exactly what I needed! What a fabulous, original idea! Every single character was over the top and hysterical! For months I've been walking around the house saying Ew David! Definitely #1 on my list!

Next is the British Baking Show. I watched every single episode, but I actually started with season 8, just to see if I'd like it, then went back to season one and was thoroughly confused when there were 3 different hosts! But I came to love those hosts even more. So when Season 5 came along and they switched on me it was devastating! But I got over it and finished the series. Off you go!

Finally one of the last series we binged was Ozark. We had started it a while ago, but it got a bit too dark for us, and we stopped watching it. But after Jason Bateman started a Podcast (Smartless) and his co-hosts Sean Hayes and Will Arnett started talking about how phenomenal Ozark was, we gave it a 2nd chance. I won't spoil the ending, but just... be prepared. Like don't have food in your mouth if you gasp, don't be standing up, as you might fall over... it's a doozy. But we loved it!

And speaking of Podcasts... I think that might be the topic for my next Blog post!

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