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Are Online Events the way to go in 2021?

So we did a thing!! We did an Online Facebook Event this past Saturday, and it was a blast!

I was very lucky to meet Philip Scott, who is a teacher in Atlantic County (teacher of the year, 2020!) Phil is very involved in the theatre, so he was a natural to take the helm for an online event.

In the past 5 years, I've done Sip 'n Shop with Psychic Nights at Breweries, Wineries and restaurants in Southern New Jersey, but with Covid-19 we had to stop doing them.

So we planned a fun afternoon of shopping with some of our vendors, and Phil and Christine Miller did Tarot card reading. They pulled cards for some of the online attendees and it's amazing to watch them pull similar cards for the same person.

This event was *almost* as fun as an in person event! It's truly the next best thing. There's still a feeling of community, and togetherness. Folks were chatting online with us, asking questions and talking to each other.

We had so much fun we decided to do it again next month! We'll be live on Feb 27 with more vendors and psychics. And we'll have Chuck Garrity, from Death of the Fox Brewing Company in Clarksboro, NJ joining in the fun to talk about their craft beers and fresh brewed coffee.

No one can tell what the future can bring for sure... not even our psychics! But for now we are having fun with these online events!

Be sure to click on the home button to register for the next event.

Check out our last event:

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